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Recap of the day

The 2024 edition of the Dutch ATMP Summit successfully concluded, showcasing advancements in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). This year, the event expanded to include comprehensive discussions on the latest innovations in ATMP production, emphasizing cost-effective strategies and technological breakthroughs.

Key highlights included in-depth analyses on optimizing the supply chain for ATMPs, innovative microbial control techniques, and groundbreaking alternatives for conventional cell therapy processes. The summit served as a pivotal platform for exchanging knowledge and fostering collaborations across the ATMP community.

On average the participants of the 2024 edition rated the Dutch ATMP Summit with a 8,0

  • “Interesting topics with knowledgeable speakers “
  • “Very good quality discussions”
  • “Very Interesting insights on current ATMP related activities and efforts to increase affordability”
  • “Sustainable and affordable key suggestions to be more explored for ATMP”
  • “Interesting meeting with a good mix of presentations and discussions”
  • “Informative and fun!”

Impressions of the day

Some of the participants of the 2024 edition


Daniël Warmerdam

Senior advisor, FAST (Centre for Future Affordable Sustainable Therapy Development)

Eddy Breed

Eddy Breed

Senior Consultant, Progress – Experts in Life Sciences

prof. dr. Edwin Bremer


Marten Hansen

CEO, Amsterdam Cell Therapy Center B.V.

Joost van den Berg

Joost van den Berg

Head of Process Development Cell Therapy, Galapagos

Patricia Baede

Global Regulatory Strategist, Oncology Specialty Care,  Sanofi


Rob Hoeben

Dept of Cell and Chemical Biology, LUMC, Leiden

Stefan Braam

CEO at Ncardia and Cellistic

Head of Cell Therapy at NecstGen

Martijn Kelder, Ph.D.

Sales Director at Cergentis

Cor Marsman

QA Manager, QP and RP
Managing consultant at Progress

Anja de Vries

Anja de Vries

ATMP Quality expert

PROGRESS - Frank van Engelenburg

Frank van Engelenburg

CMC leader
Managing consultant at Progress

Topics of the summit

Future Affordable Sustainable Therapy Development (dr. Daniël Warmerdam)

During his presentation at the Dutch ATMP Summit, Daniel Warmerdam will discuss the evolution of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and the crucial importance of collaboration to enhance the availability and accessibility of these innovative therapies for patients. In his role as Senior Advisor at FAST, the Centre for Future Affordable Sustainable Therapy Development, Daniel will share insights into the objectives of FAST with regard to ATMPs. Additionally, he will highlight recent developments, discuss challenges and opportunities for stakeholders, and explain how FAST is committed to the field to promote sustainable therapy development.

Design considerations for ATMP cleanrooms (Eddy Breed, MSc)

In the past 25 years, Progress – Experts in Life Sciences has partnered up with many clients to design, build and/or operationally release pharmaceutical facilities, both for bulk non-ATMPs as well as ATMPs. The layout of your production plant has high impact on the operational costs and thereby on the cost price of ATMPs. Eddy will share some key learnings from these projects to be considered in designing a cost effective ATMP production facility.

Setup of a Dutch academic GMP vector manufacturing platform: Lessons learnt in CAR-T productions at the UMCG (prof. dr. Edwin Bremer)

The aim of this presentation is to describe our ongoing efforts towards establishing Point-of-Care or decentralized academic ATMP and specifically CAR-T cell therapy in the UMCG and the Netherlands. In addition, I will discuss the closely alligned efforts to set-up a Dutch academic vector manufacturing platform within the context of the Dutch platform for cancer-specific ATMP Research (DARE-NL). This vector manufacturing platform will facilitate and guide translation of preclinical research to early phase I/II academic clinical trials by providing access of DARE-NL members to academically produced and cost-effective GMP-compliant lentiviral and retroviral raw materials for ATMP manufacturing.

Experience and challenges in decentralized manufacturing and clinical application of CAR-Ts (Joost van den Berg, PhD)

At Galapagos, we designed an decentralized CAR-T manufacturing and supply model, using state-of-art technology.Clinical centers of excellence are selected, having experienced clinical teams and a local cell processing facility. The centers are provided with Lonza’s Cocoon™ platform, a fully closed and automated manufacturing device, a kit comprising CAR-T and QC reagents, and full training and support. Clinicians are thereby enabled to schedule and perform CAR-T treatments with a week vein-to-vein time, with simplified logistics compared to conventional centralized productionExperiences and logistical challenges and improvements will be discussed.